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Bio: Customized design Soft touched Cloth like breathable laminated backsheet Partial laminatednon woven fabric laminated with breathable film for producing baby adult diaper hygiene products
Product Name: Laminated breathable PE film with printing raw material for S cut baby diaper
Laminated breathable PE film backsheet
Materialnonwoven+PE film, 100% Polyethylene
Widthless than 2200mm
Roll diameter400-440mm
Nonwoven basic weight/width10-200gsm/as required
PE film basic weight/width16-80mm/ as required
Colorprinted as customer's requirments or public design
MD tensile strength>12 N/25mm
Tension strength(CD)>9 N/25mm
MD elongation>20%
CM elongation>20%
FUNCTION:Mainly used for backsheet film of baby diaper
Non-toxic ,odorless,corrosion-resistant ,tear-resistant ,tear –resistant ,At low and high temperature flexility,easy to break down ,recycle ,waste treatment will not cause harm to human beings and environment
It can be laminated with nonwoven on line,be printed with normal ink or Urine Indicator Ink,be embossed.
PackageIn the roll, inside the paper tube, outside PE film
1.Q .What is the material for the non woven fabric and PE film ?
A . Grade A: 100% Polyethylene and 100% Polypropylene.
2. Q .What’s the width ?
A . our machine is 2.50 meters,the maximum width is 2.2 meters.
3.Q .What is the GSM ?
A .26-40g/m2 (common use for diaper and sanitary napkin)
4.Q .What about the delivery time ?
A.within 7-10 days after receiving the 30% deposit.
5.Q .What is your laminated breathalbe PE film with printing backsheet price ?
A .our price is absolutely competitive and we are offering an additional discount depending on your quantity.High quality breathable lamination nonwoven backsheet
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